Sedation Dentistry in Rochester

Relaxation for Rochester

Everyone is afraid of something. Generally, we go out of our way to avoid any circumstances that we fear, regardless of the effect it has on our health. If you’re afraid of visiting the dentist, now’s the time to conquer that fear and visit Dr. William Hurtt and his friendly team of dental professionals.

No matter what part of the experience makes you nervous – the sound of the equipment, a traumatic past, or just general anxiety – we are here to help.

Our sedation dentistry options keep you calm and relaxed no matter what treatment you’re receiving. Dr. Hurtt is certified by the Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation in New York state to administer oral sedation, so you always know you’re in great hands. Let us take away your fear and help you get the dental care you deserve.

Our sedation dentistry includes:

Oral Sedation:

A simple pill prior to a procedure is all it takes to calm your nerves. Oral sedation keeps you conscious and alert, which means you’ll be fully awake and responsive, but you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment. Dr. Hurtt is trained and certified in oral sedation, and a team member will monitor your vital signs throughout the procedure.

Nitrous Oxide:

If you don’t like taking pills, nitrous oxide is another option. As an inhaled gas, it provides mild sedation that is easily controlled, and the effects wear off as soon as the gas is shut off. This option keeps you comfortable and relaxed, and gets you back to your normal routine quickly.

We are here for you and your health. Let us show you how our compassionate care and sedation dentistry can relieve your fears of the dentist. Take charge of your oral health

Don’t let fear control your dental health! Relax with our sedation dentistry today!